In need of Netherbrick.

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  1. Hi all I don’t know if many of you are aware of the current state of the Ghasts and the Nether but it is pretty bad, so as you can tell I am in need of Nether brick which i am estimating to be about another double chest (if you want to see what it s for visit my res on smp2). Also I have given into my plan of not spending much money but because I feel that it needs to be done, so I am asking to but nether brick for about 50r per stack ( if this is too low let me know) I will be setting up a shop on my res for this anything will be much appreciated

    Thanks Chris
  2. You should do about 60-70r for 1 stack. That is the price now! :D
  3. Ok ill raise it to 65r but that will be as high as I will go...
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  4. I sell 8 for 50 @6787 on smp3. I have lots of stock. You might think the price is high, but no one else on my server appears to sell it or have it in stock.
  5. I will supply you with a double chest of it by tomorrow :D
  6. Ok Tal thanks a lot I have been needing thsi for a wmy saviourhile and you will be my savior :D

    And Rex 8 for 50r? that my freind is truely a rip off.....
  7. Ive Got it, Come to my res on SMP8 (17424) :D
  8. Like Fast please :)
  9. I just dropped it from 8 for 150 (which was still less than /shop) and it's finally selling. If you need it, you'll find a way to get it but Ive got a family to feed.
  10. /shop is totally overpriced, so it is not smart to base your price on that ;)
  11. Tal I ahve asked to sell it on my res so can you come oer to smp2 to sell it please
  12. Tal could you either sell it on my res at smp2 or arange a time for us to meet to sell it.
  13. The title reminded me of 'In need of Diamonds'...
    It's a minecraft song, youtube it.
    I had some netherbrick, but I have it in a chest on smp1...10k blocks out in the wild. I've been in the town there recently, though...I'll see what I can do ;)
  14. Ok thanks it will help lots because my original estimate is wrong i think its looking closer to 2 or 1.5 double chests now...