In Need Of Graphic Designer

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by dylan_frenette, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. I need an Enjin Website banner/picture for my header.

    im offering 30k for it, PM for more details.
  2. bump, anyone? i need help with this, and im a horrible artist..
  3. Perhaps to generate interest, you could explain a little deeper as to what you may be looking for.
    For instance, are you in the market for a skin/signature/intro? :)
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  4. Like shaun said, tell us what your looking for, I might be able to cook something up :)
  5. im looking for something for an enjin website. as my header.
  6. check this link:

    its for hexxit, i didn't want to advertise so its why i wanted to be PM'd ( im not giving the IP )

    i want the font to be in the same style they use for hexxit on the technic website.
  7. bump- PM me for anymore details.
  8. updated op. this is a easy way to make money..
  9. "Easy"? How can we get the textures "easy"?
  10. its kinda simple.. i just want it to look good, i cant do it..
  11. I can't. Geez
  12. this is alot of rupees for something as simple as a picture..
  13. Wonder how you got the 30 grand...... :p
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  14. If you are still interested, I don't even need a price a high as that, I can do this for very cheap, please refer to ,click the 'Buy' section and buy the appropriate package. You must also fill out the form at the top of what exactly you want.
    ~Smurfy (ps3gamerepic)
  15. im offering 30k rupees. not real money...
  16. Ah Ok, I'm stupid :p, sorry I was looking for work and I came across this post, you can see why I was misunderstood
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