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  1. Hello everyone.

    A few weeks ago, i was trying to burn a CD for music for me to use for my car. But it wasn't allowing me to burn the CD with my music. So, i just gave up.

    The next day i went to install my new " The Sims 3" game that i just got the other day for my birthday. When i put the disc in. It wasn't reading the disk, or showing it was reading it.

    I went into my computer system and its not showing the CD icon, in the computer area. Normally were your OS (C:) and HP_RECOVERY (D:) icons are. So ive tried everything to fix it. Nothing have been working.

    I don't know what i need to replace it. I called my cousin, who is a computer person. He told me to run some scans to see if it was a virus or anything. Which turned out nothing was wrong.

    Anyway, ive found the replacement CD/DVD Burner i need. But i don't have 221$ to replace it.

    I've decided to get an external CD/DVD burner. Only problem is, i don't know which one would be a good suit for me.

    Here is the website im getting this from. http://bit.ly/19pqzAi ( Plus the section of drivers im looking at ).

    I've got a small budget on this driver. I don't want to go over 50$.

    I don't know what is a good one or a bad one.

    My computer specs are:

    Processer: AMD Athlon(tm) 11 X2 260 Processor 3.20GHz
    RAM: 3.00 ( 2.75 usable )
    System Type: 64-bit Operating System

    Thank you for all of the help i can get. I hope to make a choice soon.

    Thanks again EMC.

    - Inu
  2. Also to add.

    I do a lot of games that require the CD in order to play. So, i need to be able to have the CD readable with this also. Just like a internal CD/DVD burner.
  3. Makes sense to me you'd need to replace your cd/dvd drive. Is this a desktop or laptop?

    The reason I ask is cd/dvd drives for desktops are around 25$ so the 221$ pricetag seems a bit extreme. If it is a laptop I agree that an external drive is the way to go.

    Before you purchase anything, you may want to (after powering down the machine):

    Take the cd drive out of you're machine and make sure the connector is clean. Normally there is a release button on the drive itself to eject it (the whole unit, not just the disk tray).

    Open the side of the case and unplug and replug in both cables (reseat them). There will be a power cord and then either a skinny but wide ribbon like cable (ide) or a small oval plastic coated cable (sata). Verify the connection on both ends.
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  4. Looks like its desktop, I looked up the model of the processor and it's a desktop proc. A cd/dvd drive, with burner and everything (non-bluray) should cost 17-25$... If you want a blu ray burner (also has cd/dvd burning) that's around 70$. The 221$ is out of reach, i dont know how you came up with that. As for what type of CD/DVD drive to get, you'll need to see what connector your current cd/dvd drive is using. It will be either SATA or IDE.
    Here is an image to help you determine what type you need:

    The SATA doesnt always have the molex power adapter, just the left 2 normally.
    If it is SATA: Order this: www.amazon.com/dp/B009F1DYF8/
    If it is IDE: Order this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002EAAS8S/

    Hope this helps,
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  5. OK, I read your post and can help. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, I would recommend replacing the bad drive and not going external. Its cheaper, and overall you will see replacing it yourself is easy.
    Assuming a desktop model, post your desktop model, and I can step you thru it. Biggest difference, is to see whether the drive is SATA or ATA. Being that you have 64-bit OS, you will most likely have a SATA drive. Open it up and look at the cable that connects to the drive. Take a pic and post it for us.
    Drives should be $30-$50 as long as you don't need blu-ray.
  6. The company is a lightscride CD/DVD burner. Its 221$ on the website
  7. Ive tried everything into fixing it. Ive removed the cables and reattached them. uninstalled the software, re-installedit. The only option ive got left is to replace the unit.

    I would like to go with a external one, since its easier. Instead of taking apart my computer and changing the unit entirely. I just want to be safe than sorry. If i mess something up while removing and changing the burner
  8. Only problem is, there are other components in the way of taking out the unit. Ive got cooling fans and a bunch of cables in the way. I would have to unplug the cables to get to the unit.

    I would just rather have a external unit itself.
  9. Then dont get a lightscribe one :p I don't think you really need that anyways. So what type of connection is it?
  10. Are these all able to read a computer game CD, and run it like the default reader?A

    Also to add.
    Does it matter if its a 2.0USB or a 3.0USB?
  11. I hear you. Typically you just remove the front bezel and the drive slides out the front, if in a desktop.
    Typically 2 or 4 screws hold the drive in, at the side. Sometimes, there is a rail system for quick removal.
    Just unplug the two cables at the back, slide the old one out. Slide in the new one, reconnect cables and you are done.

    If you have your heart set on an external USB, then so be it. I don't want to bring you out of your comfort zone, however wanted to try to help by illustrating that its not that bad to replace the bad drive.

    USB3.0 or 2.0 does not matter that much for a DVD/CD burner/drive. If the same cost, go with the 3.0. All are backwards compatible, so you will be good either way.
  12. One other quick question, re-reading your post, you have indicated that it is 'not showing the CD icon'.

    Are you sure that it is not some sort of driver/software issue? What does your hardware manager say? A bad driver typically will 'remove' the device, meaning you do not see it anymore.

    For all the bad drives i've had to deal with, you can still see the drive, still attempt to read disks, but the burner just starts pumping out bad/error disks when trying to burn.

    So, I guess, double check to make sure that the drive itself is actually bad. If you need help to do this, let me know your operating system, XP, Vista, or 7) and I can step you thru what you would need to do.

    *Edit, Lionkev55 suggestion, is good. I would agree with that one for an external USB drive.
  13. Ive tried installing new software and everything. Its just showing up anymore. Its not showing the software or anything for the driver.
  14. Are you on XP, Vista, or 7? (or linux)
    If windows, right click on 'my computer' and click on 'manage'
    From there, look for 'device manager' and click on it.
    Look on the right, and expand the DVD/CD rom drives. See what it says, double click on it. See under general tab, it will give you the device status. Should say 'device is working properly'
    click the drivers tab, and see if you can either update, or roll back the driver. At this point, it is worth a try before you spend money.

    If you have nothing at all, under the DVD/CD rom drives, then look to see if you have anything under 'other devices' that indicates 'unknown device'. Let me know what you see. Then right click on the DVD/CD rom drives and do a 'scan for hardware changes'. See what changes.
  15. I tried an idea i had, that i used on my teachers computer at school. But that didnt fix it either.

    When i go into my device manager, this is what pops up.

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  16. Ive tried everything you just explained, and nothing changed or happend.
  17. Yeah, now that makes sense why you cannot see the drive itself.
    It is saying that the drivers or something is wrong in the registry. Cannot start the hardware.
    Right click on it, and uninstall it.
    Then right click on the DVD/CD rom drop down, and scan for hardware changes.
    See what happens. Posting screenshots is really helpful!
  18. I just tried that, which when i uninstalled it. It removed the CD/DVD drop down. I did the scan, and nothing happend.