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  1. Hi guys, I am building a new shop/castle on smp9. Right now it looks AMAZING but there is LOTS to do on it... I really need cobble mostly and stone brick! If you could donate those items at my res on smp9 at 18138 I would be EXTREMELY grateful. This shop will be having really cheap prices so the sooner I can get that cobble and stone brick the faster you will get items! Please consider donating!
    -Sincerely Cast
  2. I have a cobblegen @ 2303,smp1.I can give you build flag for a while so you can mine some cobble.
  3. You called?
  4. In need of donations not a generator
  5. Ok then,I can mine some from my generator to donate.
  6. Ok ty!
  7. That really wants to make me donate to you, you want something but are too lazy to even mine it when it's right in front of you..
  8. I've mined over 2 DCs and have used it all... I was just appreciating if someone could help out... kthanksbye
  9. It takes approximately 7 minutes to get a DC of Stone from RandomZh's Stone Gen with Efficiency V and Haste II [ON]. Just throwing that out there...
  10. K