In Need Of An Elevator!

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  1. I would like someone to build me a piston elevator. It needs to go up twenty floors, and be fast. I am a what you could call "pro" redstone engineer, but one thing I could never build was an elevator. If you can do it, please leave a reply!
  2. Hey man! I am also what you might call an "expert" but however in my simgle player creative world i had many elevators that went up nearly 60 floors, but ever since 1.4 update to minecraft all my piston elevators stopped working and i kept getting stuck in them. Since than i havent tried any other designs but i dont think they work :(
  3. You could do this yourself pretty easily:
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  4. Is this for EMC? If so, I wouldn't - I built a 30 or so block high elevator on EMC and they don't work, not enough "ticks" and you'll just get stuck in the pistons. :/
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  5. Oh, well, thanks then-plus, I was thinking that it would be resource intensive-like all the pistons.
  6. Wow....
    I'll be using that!
  7. I have a working piston elevator on EMC. It goes at 2 ticks per block, so pretty fast and quite reliable, over 90% of the time it works, as long as you don't move once it's moving.

    You can go see the prototype at the back of my res on smp6 12435, that one is quite small, I have one on the wild that goes from bedrock to level 70 and it's quite usefull.
  8. I would use an ender pearl elevator if you want speed, a lot easier to build too