In need of a Youtube Channel Art

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft,

    I have just started my channel and made my first video. Along with a first Subscriber! I will be doing Happy Wheels and Minecraft once I can get a Screen Video thing that is free working for me :D.

    I would like a Detailed Minecraft combined with Happy Wheels Picture that will fit. Who ever makes me the one I true love will earn 4500 Empire Minecraft Rupees!

    If you dont know what Happy Wheels is, search it on google.

    Also, My name is Account name is "Silver Fire so if you can, Please include that in it.
    (No I am not Advertising I am just saying the name so It can be used in the Picture)

    Thanks you!
  2. I could help - I just have to finish that signature or yours first. :p
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  3. Ill try something
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  4. Also, an Avatar along with it would boost you up 1,000 Rupees!
  5. Wats ur channel?
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  6. Ok I may be good at this! I'll give I a shot ;)
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  7. Great :)
  8. don't use ezvid -_- OBS would be a better free choice

  9. Really. I have been playing around with Ezvid and I cant get it to even record my voice for the video. Plus it installed this weird taskbar for me some weird thing. What is OBS may I ask? Screenshot (13).png
  10. ezvid used to put music over videos and that taskbar would be adware delete it fast, OBS is open broadcaster software its meant for livestreaming but it can record to, you just have to tweak it to your computer, its free no watermark it works great for me I just never upload
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  11. Alright save me how do I get rid of it I just spent 1000$ On this cumputer D:
  12. start, control panel, programs, programs and features, find the name of that taskbar right click uninstall would be enough to get rid of it on my set up might work for you
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  13. Bump!

    For the Happy Wheels part of the Channel art Please draw something Interesting and funny such as -
  14. That is expecting quite a bit for 4500 rupees, maybe look at hiring and artist and paying them real money. However so far I have made a start but I am not sure what you want added to it.
  15. Ezvid.. i remeber that i had the same problem, but you had to make like a new thing then go to advanced settings and turn on mic
  16. Could you try and make it with some Minecraft/Happy wheels Things. I love the texture atm. :)
  17. Whats the pixel size it has to be?
  18. Omg so busy right now
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  19. Bump. I'm working on Making my First video!