[IN NEED OF] 5 Krysyy and 3 Dwight Heads

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  1. So I need the amount of these staff heads listed in the title for a build. Not looking to buy, but to display. If you allow me to use it, I will place a sign under your head(s) signifying that it is yours. Along with this, if for whatever reason you need it for something, you may have it back.

    Thanks a bunch
  2. I think people would prefer you paid for it rather than "borrowing" it, most people have issues with trust when it comes to things like that unfortunately.
  3. Why do you need 5 of my heads??? :confused:
  4. He's building a mumble headquarters. 8 heads of people from mumble are being displayed, I guess he has 3.
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  5. I own 1, but as you can see if you take a look, wcg_elite and jcplugs have allowed me to display their krysyy heads.
  6. I just gave out more heads last Saturday. I can't remember who got them, but I'm sure other people can. Stay tuned for krysyy events to get them =)
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  7. I have one, I'm not too excited about the idea of having it displayed elsewhere though..