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  1. I couldn't find a previous thread for this, so apologies if I've missed it.

    I have been on the server for about a month, and I have already lost count of how many wiki-links I've copy/pasted for other players to reference. I know we have the New Player Guide (and maybe just an updated version of that would suffice) But I think it would be helpful if there was a command that brought up wiki general category links (kind of like the /ps menu that comes up.. I'm not a programmer, lol, but that's what I imagine)

    Not sure if there's too much redundancy with an idea like this. I personally think the wiki is really helpful and well organized, but if I could just tell people /wiki every time they were spamming the chat with help-pleas instead of having to sort out the link for them, that would be super!
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  2. I like the idea, maybe make it even faster by doing /wiki, or as you said on the /ps menu, but yh i agree :)
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  3. To an extent, this would be possible. Technically, it would be possible to retrieve all of the content from every page (with the exception of images) and then display it when someone typed in the command /wiki [page name], however this would be a fairly inefficient system.

    It's totally possible to bring up a list of pages and/or categories ignore which link to the website, and this could be a very useful thing.
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  4. Yes, I wasnt thinking anything too complicated .. just /wiki then the category/ subcategory links from the wiki index.
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  5. +1.
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  6. +2
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  7. +3 I like this Idea!
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