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  1. Searched myself 360 degree round, but cannot find it back.

    I remember that when you have established outpost and someone building there you casn remove it without if you dont like it. Is that correct.

    It would be nice to have on the wiki a wilderness outpost section with information like this (or i have missed that to ?)
  2. I'm pretty sure, no matter how ugly the building, you cannot destroy it. I remember something along those lines, but not that you could destroy buildings. The thread was (I believe) about the permissions of outpost owners.
  3. Thats right ow the confusion, i wild saay i have read something else. but cannot find it back :confused:
    Better wait from some moderatar to reply...
  4. If it's an "Established" outpost, as in meets all of the guidelines, then as the owner you do finally get say into aesthetics and placement.

    But we ask that the leaders try to work with the player to improve / move, and not just flat out destroy a building without warning.

    But, in an established outpost, the leader does have a right to remove something that goes against the groups overall plans/goals for the area.
    That was kind of the main point of the new policy, so 1 person can't "grief" a build by building something in the way.

    Now, the leader can remove a bad build without it being considered griefing.

    And yes, this does need to be better explained on the wiki.
  5. Just something I whipped up quickly in case you ever need it :p;

    "An 'Established Outpost' is an outpost that meets the following guidelines;
    • Must be at least 5,000 blocks away from another outpost.
    • Can't be within 3,000 blocks of another group, unless their leader gives approval on your thread.
    • Must have its thread in the wilderness/frontier forums establishing the beginning of the outpost. Also has to include its name and which server its on - any other information is optional.
    • A locked chest belonging to the owner must be in the center, or start, of the base. It doesn't have to be visible, just there.
    The owner of the outpost can then set guidelines on how the base should be designed, structured and planned. Members of the outpost agree to follow the leadership's decisions - if they do not comply, they are advised to leave and establish one of their own well away from the other, and any members who do not listen to the owner have to leave, otherwise staff will intervene.
    Although the leader of the outpost is allowed to tear down a player's building without it being considered griefing, it is preferable they consult the player and advise them to change it to fit with the outpost's theme."
    I probably missed a few things, so if you'd kindly tell me where I went wrong... :p
  6. Offcorse you first ask the player. Thanks aikar. just wanted to be sure.