In a need for wild colonies

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  1. Im looking for wild colonies to live in in all smp's except smp3 plz post here if u hav any

    Thank you!
  2. I'd suggest not to ever ask for public posting of /wild colonies... change it to a PM on forums to avoid griefing... there's NO BLOCK in-game cappable of being protected in the wild, not even obsidian (chest feature apart).

    So for the sake of the said colonies, keep your existance the stealthiest as possible, be smart or dont complain later about griefers on them
  3. Ik iw ant ppl to say they hav a colony and pm me the cords
  4. Well i can tell you I know about couple of them... but its not that easy to get in... all the "respectable / Big" wild settlements go through a semi-lengthy process to accept new members (unless perhaps someone from inside vouches on you) either way keep looking, hope you find one that fits your needs and where you can become an asset for em
  5. I already hav kind of one on smp1
  6. Contact the EWF people.
  7. Empire Wild Fedration?:confused:
  8. Yup, ask bifted for info :)
  9. I understand your confusion. It does sound like a professional wrestling league.
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  10. Yeah but be careful with the MAT they have always had tensions