Improving my res (donations & suggestions needed)

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  1. this is as far as I got with my new statue of myself before running out of emerald blocks, however most of my res is still empty and I have no plans on what to do with all that free space so I need suggestions on what to build (I also need emerald blocks :p, and if you don't like giving away and not receiving you can buy my head for 1000r which goes towards my creations)
  2. I'll buy that head of course. ;)

    EDIT: Whoops, nevermind. :p

    ANOTHER EDIT: I did donate some. :)
  3. I'll be buying the head also, I've got 3 stacks of emeralds I can give to you for, 3 more of your heads or 2,000r.
  4. Time to go kill myself a hundred times to get more heads :p
  5. Ill donate a few stacks of emeralds later today when I have time to get mess around :p
  6. There are now 5 heads in the chest :) (my head drops at an unusually fast rate)
  7. I know it might not look as good, but wouldn't green wool/clay do the same job but be a lot cheaper? Just seems a waste to me (no offence). :)
  8. Not being a pain, but asking for donations for a statue to praise youself... narcissistic much xD Naw I'm kidding, this looks great, can I donate rupees?
  9. But emeralds are boss yo
  10. its not a majority green just some on the clothing most of it is black, and a full wool statue looks... bland, black is okay since nothing black looks different (shade wise) buy emerald blocks really give the shade of green thats on my skin.
    and ninja'd
  11. I totally didn't just google what narcissistic meant :p plus donations goes towards this and future projects, my next plan is a very tall business tower
  12. to help continue rewarding donators I have begun using deathtomb's sheep farm's to get material to make these:

    an 8x8 pixel art of the top four donators, when someone out donates one of them the lowest of the four gets destroyed and replaced with the new donator so keep donating :p, this one is of the only confirmed donator I have xI_LIKE_A_PIGx :)

  13. MOAR donators :) thank you for your donations, even if donations are made that are under the top four, a sign will still be made that can have any message you want on it, current top 3 donators can choose there sign messages too!