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  1. Since joining the Empire just a few short months ago, I have felt a great sense of community shared by all players (almost) on all the servers. I value this community and, like any member of a community, I am committed to seeing improvements to the Empire both in-game and on the website. Now, since those first tentative days, much has been changed, and many new improvements have been added. (Eggification, the /report system, etc.) However, as always, there is always room for improvements. Hopefully, this thread will be noticed and before long we will have a large list of suggestions that Justin can add to his already huge to-do list. So here are some of my suggestions:

    (Keep in mind that I am no programmer, and that some of these ideas may be extremely difficult to implement.)

    Enhanced '/v' Commands:
    I use the '/v random' command quite frequently, and it is very practical. However, it often takes me to an undeveloped residence, or a farm of sorts. Don't get me wrong, farms are useful, and sometimes it takes time to build a res. But it would be easier to add a '/v "keyword" ' command (in my opinion.) For example, someone with a res could add keywords or tags to their residences, like "shop" and when I'm looking around for a place to buy things, I can just type in '/v "shop" ' and be teleported to their res. This way one does not have to constantly advertise in chat "Shop at xxxx!" over and over in order to attract busIness.

    Anti-Access Signs:
    (Not completely sure about this one, but it deserves attention if not already addressed)
    I have hired a few managers at my shop, and I have constantly had to restrict them from my private chests (as they all have container flag to restock.) I have also noticed that if I try to lock my chests by only giving myself access, it still does not work. It would be extremely helpful for me, as I hate when managers inadvertently raid my private chests looking for extra merchandise. This could also work with doors, etc.

    Sorry this is so long, but like I said, I want to see the Empire improve.

    Feel free to comment on existing ideas or add your own!!
  2. That first idea is awesome :) just what I'm need when I'm on the hunt for glowstone and no one seems to be selling. I always do /v random in the hope I'll find a shop in stock, but get annoyed when I land on a res with a dirt hut lol. I like.
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  3. I like the idea of making keywords you can pick, but /v keyword wouldn't work because it would conflict with player names. Like what if i took /v bobthbuilder and then bobthebuilder joined EMC? I thought before about making a supporters perk where you could assign your own TP spots in Town like //coolshop //hi //funplace (notice the two //).
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  4. The first Idea is interesting, what about instead of improving the /v command, make a database on the website. Each residence has an entry associated with it, and the owner has rights to modify that entry. it could contain a description, screenshot perhaps, keywords that you could search and so on, you could select a category for your res and so on. That way the /v command would stay the same, but you'd have all that info at your finger tips and it wouldn't have to be updated everytime minecraft is updated. heck it wouldn't even have to be run by EMC at all.
  5. Please do that... that would be awesome :D
  6. I did have " " enclosing the keyword, but i like the // idea more.
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  7. Hmm. How bout a combination? Maybe the keywords can be stored on the EMC website for access and edit there but can also be edited in-game? It'd be more convenient in-game but it's always useful to be able to control things on the go on the website.
  8. Yet another idea:

    Cross-Server Chat/In-Game Inbox (Leaving Messages?) :
    A lot of the time I want to talk to someone on another server, but I don't want to leave the server I'm on. On one occasion, when they also wanted to talk, it turned into a wild goose chase back and forth between multiple servers. It would be great if you could do the /tell command through servers by simply specifying which server to send it to. (eg. /tellsmp2 SecretAznEks How's it going?)
    Also, it would be useful to leave a message for an offline player, so that when they join, they will immediately see your message.

    Just some more ideas.
  9. I think that you already can tell someone on another server..
  10. Cross server chat is on the to-do list already i think. It shouldn't be necessary to say what server you want to tell, because we can only be on one server at a time anyway. I suggested once hooking chat up to an XMPP server like ejabberd - it could handle cross-server tells, offline messages and could even be hooked up to a webclient allowing you to chat via the website. I don't know the feasability of making a minecraft-chat <-> xmpp bridge would be though.