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  1. The other guys are imposters!
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  2. Rich owns 3 of those accounts i'm sure XD

    And Rich, come on skype!
  3. Which one's the real MR! :confused:
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  4. 3 accounts I though he only had 2, But now I know which the 3rd one is ;)
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  5. I think you'll find the only non-MR2R2M is TheSpyPie :p
  6. Hahaha
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  7. Nice picture :D
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  8. Yes its true people, I own EmpireShop :D
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  9. is that possible?
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  10. He's joking :)
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  11. of course heis!! i knew that ... gosh! :oops:
  12. He owns the account EmpireShop, not the actual /shop shop.
  13. Does the empireshop acc owns any shop/residence? If it does, it would be epic xD
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  14. hahaha I will be soon :DNot gonna give away any details yet, but there will be shops on a few servers :D
  15. Uhm no I dont XD someones a bit gaga :p