Impossibly hard parkour on SMP3

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  1. I've finished construction of my parkour on SMP3, visit my residence to have a go.

    It's free to play and there is a diamond at the end for anyone good enough to make it, every jump is possible as it has been rigorously tested.


    Also anyone who finds and names the player on the screenshot and replies the answer on this thread wins a diamond :D
  2. I accept your challenge. Really nice looking parkour! I will try it this afternoon, and I promise not to use Admin cheats ;)
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  3. I see the player, but I have no idea whom it is, they are located just left the blue ball/balloon.

    Edit: I found him, it is Hasorko.
  4. Hasorko is your man :D There you go. I already though I recognized him there :D
  5. I think that's Hasorko standing beneath the green hot air balloon ^^

    EDIT: nvm. eclipsys was before me, but i saw later. :p
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  6. shaunwhite is the winner :D unless the edit was after your post eclipsys, im not sure :/

    i know, you both win a diamond :D yay

    i will set up a chest outside my property for you guys, the diamond has yet to be claimed on the parkour though :)
  7. My post was before his ''Edit'' :D And bloodra1n post was also before shauns ''Edit'' :D
  8. So I may post now XD I got through the parkour with setting block glitch obviously the no fun version. I started to do it without afterwards, and got 2 jumps done. Whats ur best score so far (count the jumps from the very beginning). Only none glitched jumps count though :p Try to do a vid once i completed it XD
  9. so who was first now? im really losing it ahaha
  10. I was the first who came with Hasorko's name, after that you came, and afther That shaunwhite put up his ''edit'' :D
  11. I'm noticing a lot of people using dirt to glitch jump the course, there's only a single diamond there so i don't see why people are so hell bent on cheating, next person i see trying to dirt glitch will be responsible for the diamond being removed and replaced with a "well done" sign.
    I'm trying to provide free challenges with prizes to the community, don't spoil it for the honest players please.
  12. I want to add I was so free to not take the diamond by glitching. Cant understand why people do that :-/
  13. The diamond has been removed, sorry to everyone that doesn't cheat to win, i will be bringing out more free mini games with prizes so keep your eyes out :D