IMPORTANT - Upgrade to 1.8 DEV

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Although the recommended build for the 1.8 server is not out yet, we have decided to switch to it. Most of the big bugs have been fixed although there still may be some little things (like graphics glitches). We will continue to update as fixes come out until the recommended build.

    To help mitigate the chance of something going horribly wrong we have changed the server daily backups to hourly backups. Please report any bugs or problems immediately (reply to this forum is the best).
  2. There's no chest distinction
    for example it thinks a small chest is a large one
  3. I am not having that problem. Chests got a little messed up, you have to right click on them to fix it. And sometimes destroy / rebuild them. This is due to the new fancy chests notch added.
  4. I just got the arenas server back up, although we are going to need to address how food works in that server. Also we will need to adjust how food works in Town on the main server (maybe it should regenerate like health).
  5. just keep the food at like 6 where its normal
  6. Today I changed the main server so you regain food in the protected areas instead of health.
  7. can you disable the arena food meter?
  8. Yeah that seems like the best solution.