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  1. EVERYONE, i will be going to random forrums and saying random things, preferabley kindof in the subject, so you are warned, my hero name is randomboi, i will say RANDOMBOI STRIKES!! Thenrandomstuff. Sooo, get ready. get set. * EYES GO CRAZY* go!
  2. Erm....ok?
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  3. What barks said :p
  4. Be aware tho, this can be classed as spam, so please don't cause trouble :)
  5. RANDOMBOISTRIKES!!!!!!!!!! yehnotroubleherebrosimaflyandthatjizbtwu2rock!
  6. ^^^^ that says stuff, space it out :)
  7. Mrsmiley, can I suggest that you stop doing this. It serves no purpose and I imagine it will become quite annoying.
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  8. did u space it out, its actually a complement, :confused:
  9. Yes, and as another mod has already stated, caps and spam will get you banned.

    5. Thou Shalt Not Spam The Chat

    Do not type jargon, nonsense, unsolicited shop ads, or repeated messages in the chat. Note that typing in all capital letters is effectively yelling. If you yell inappropriately that is considered spamming the chat.
    Flagrant chat spamming will result in a ban without warning.

    These rules apply to the forums as well as in game.
  10. oh, soz, i will stop now,