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  1. so if you updated on accident, you can get someone that hasnt updated files right? how would you do that?
  2. teh interwebs
  3. ... No i mean like how would you get your friends files? like email them or something ? lol
  4. idk in that case.
  5. One of the easiest solutions to (In my opinion) is to use MCNostalgia, a program that allows you to backdate MC
  6. Or use dropbox
  7. If you have a friend mc which is not updated, you just need the .minecraft file. Obviously your personal settings are gone then. Under windows you find the .minecraft folder by clicking start and type in the search "%appdata%. You just do copy paste and you have like ur friends minecraft on ur computer.

    For the future think about a better topic of the thread like "Update Problem: Looking for help" This topic calls for posts like "Doh this is not an important question". Also please consider pushing Update now button next time. Its enough work explaining it to every single player once. :)

    Greetz Hasorko
  8. Or you can just wait, Like I am now. Its not a big update, and should be updated soon.
  9. That is why i have back ups from 1.4_02 xD