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How many animals do you have ?

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10 0 vote(s) 0.0%
15 1 vote(s) 10.0%
20 2 vote(s) 20.0%
25 0 vote(s) 0.0%
30 1 vote(s) 10.0%
100 0 vote(s) 0.0%
100+ 2 vote(s) 20.0%
I don't have any animals. 4 vote(s) 40.0%
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  1. Hello Everybody, Today I will be telling you my idea's on the lag situation that is consuming empire Minecraft on all the servers. Recently Ive noticed Severe lag spikes aver 15-20 Seconds, Ive concluded that this is to do with Animals/Mobs
    Thats right, Im talking about your chickens,Cows,Pigs,Squids Ect.
    Ive notuced that lots of peple have a animal farm that has atleast over 20+ Animals of each kind In there residence

    I would like there to be a restriction of how many animals your allowed to own each residence.
    For example
    16 Sheep
    19 Chickens
    15 Cows
    16 Squids
    15 Ocelots
    15 Pigs

    And If you want to Have more than 1 Mb type It goes down by 7

    I hope someone will make this update/Inprovement Because In not sure how long I can take up of this serious matter of lag, EMC Never lagged for me.

    Also I would like the servers to be restarted/Shutdown Abit more too
    Since smp5 I haven't seen any restarts.
  2. Slightly edited your poll, changed it from 30, 30+, 100 to 30, 100, 100+ and added a no animal response.
  3. I Slaughter (don't hate) every fortnight and rebreed..
  4. Those are very low numbers. This would be a big change.

    Currently, shops can sell animals at great prices.

    I sell chickens for 9r, pig/cow/sheep/moosh for 12r (SMP9, 19000).

    I do that, by breeding lots of them. If you do this, that will no longer be possible, and animals are likely to cost over 100r each.

    Maybe that's a "good thing", I don't know.

    It will also vastly inflate the price (and reduce availability) of wool, raw/cooked beef, raw/cooked pork, raw/cooked chicken, leather, eggs, feathers, and probably some others I've forgotten.

    I agree that animals contribute to the lag - especially massive amounts of chickens. But, is it the main problem? Or is it the people grinding, getting hundreds and hundreds of mobs, to gain XP?
  5. P.S. How can you enforce these restrictions? Especially squid, which spawn in naturally.
  6. I believe in 'town' the mobs/animals contribute to a LARGE chunk of any lag. I DON'T think that mob grinders in the wild have a major affect on town players. It's why if a place has say 500 chickens, you'll lag in a good 3-4 res radius around it but not much further out.
  7. Since the sheep eating wool update Ive only needed 2 sheep, because I want some wool And the other because I love sheep and a chicken farm of 8 chickens, I dont understand why people need to have huge ammounts for produce, My chicken farm makes 10 eggs every 5 mins, My sheep farm makes 2-3 wool each 2 mins, If you want cows, like I said 15+ cow should be enough to breed and kill the population (I know it's cruel, But its just a game)

    I think if they make the prices of things go any higher as they are people will get upset Because they already are overpriced and I know the Admins and Moderators dont whant there fellow members to be anymore upset, Lag is one of minecraft biggest problem ovarall, Yeah they have bugs thats things they can fix easily, But lag is another topic. Lag is probally the most annoying Bug/Problem In the game, And ive asked people around whats there least favourite thing about minecraft.

    My friend Mr_Weax said "Lag, I hate it, Definetly the most annoying and my least favourite"

    Every-time I see him I ask him if he wants to play on Empire, He says "I cant, The server is to laggy. . ."

    So please put in a rule that you can only have a limit to the amount of mods/animals, I don't car how much it is, As long as there is a restriction for something under 150 (ESPECIALLY CHICKENS!!!!!)
  8. OK, let's do some maths; earlier today someone wanted 28 stacks of red wool, for a building project. That is not uncommon - if you think that just a 40x40 floor needs 25 stacks.

    64 * 28 = 1792 pieces of wool.

    If we take your best yield of 3 wool per 2 minutes, that would take 1792/3 *2 = 1195 minutes, which is about 20 hours shearing sheep - just for a perfectly normal, ordinary floor on a building.

    Few people will spend 20 hours clicking on sheep every 2 minutes. Wool is used often, because of the colour-ranges. So reducing the availability of wool could restrict building/creativity.
  9. I have a spawn residence on SMP4. I cannot even go the the left half of my residence without massive amounts of lag. It's because there is a sheep farm 2 residences away that is spammed with sheep, as far as I can tell. Stinks that I cannot even use half of my residence.
  10. Well, Its not like everybody has got to only have 2 sheep. . .If you had 16, What would happen then?
  11. I dont mean In the wild/Nether
    Only in the towns
  12. So did I.