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  1. Well, I was doing my 8th grade science homework when I came across a few short paragraphs on the Turritopsis Nutricula

    This strange jelly, only about 1-5 mm large, can theoretically live forever; it is immortal!

    It has the unique ability, of which no other animal known to man has, where it can age backwards once sexually mature, or when in other danger such as starving, all the way back to a polyp form, where it is only a blob of cells; and then it can regrow as its cells take on new specialized functions, until the jellyfish is sexually mature (again), or in any type of "unavoidable" danger!

    In other words, it can reverse itself back to a pre-larvae form once fully grown or in immediate danger, and then regrow and restart it's life cycle!

    Shady manatee says: So, here is a picture of a pony experimenting with my little aquatic friends, of which i found on the internet:

    This thread is basically for you to post about other kewl things about animals (liek haw dawgz haz 4 leegs) and then post stupid pictures of them :3 XD

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  2. I'd hate to ruin the fun but what if somebody steps on it :eek:
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  3. It'd die. It can't really transform back into a blob of cells if it's jelly on a floor....

    I've heard about this before, I thought it was pretty cool.
    Errmmm.... I don't know... lemme go find facts.
  4. Well, theres a slight problem with this

    you see, jellyfish such as this 1 live in the ocean, and most people dont "walk" in the ocean XD

    not to be rude or anything :3 XD

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  5. You see, waterproof chainsaw, oil drill, kicking and punching.. Technically it is not immortal :)
  6. If I'm correct, I think Lobsters can keep growing forever. You don't see giant lobsters because they die :p
    Edit: They live forever cuz they don't age
  7. It has the capacity to live forever in an ideal environment, if its really needed to break out the technical terms :|
  8. What about starfish lol
  9. They die of old age, right?
  10. In reply to xHaro_Der talking about starfish....
  11. No. No, they don't. I eat lobsters ;3
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  12. Arent lobsters immortal? Like if Humans didnt hunt them for food?
  13. Well if they lived in perfect conditions (no predators, plenty of food, space, etc.) then theres a theory that they live forever
  14. When i read about the immortal jellyfish, i read something that said that its the only animal thats biologically immortal, so idk...

  15. Dem' monkeys are smart.
  16. I'd like to point everyone to the Big Bang Theory Episode Where they talk about this.
  17. hehehe :p Love that show, it's super funny xD
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  18. I totally don't have one of the disks from it in my computer right now...