Imagine if EMC's bans were like this...

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  1. We should so get this for when people are banned. (the new ban animation is like the only good thing about Runescape)...

    Or if you can't do that somehow, then make them blow up or something...

    PLEASEEEE Aikar..
  2. lol that would be cool. An ender Justin comes and takes you away. :p
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  3. Awesome! Pretty much the first thing I like from RuneScape for a year or two.. or three.
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  4. Looks cool but... Whats the point? We don't have public places where people wander, people who get banned mostly are somewhere random without beeing with others =P Beside's at dropparty's orso
  5. For the amusement of the rare occasion of seeing the pretty animation.
  6. I like how there's a guy still selling gold immediately next to him, yet he doesn't stop.
  7. Simple;
    newb joined, last seen 1 day ago
    newb: join my server pl0x!!!
    newb blew up!
    newb disconnected
  8. Well yus, I rather like funny message's then an animation
  9. You do realise that I was pretty much joking with this? (as why it's not in the suggestion box).

    Then again, it would be a pretty epic feature.
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  10. I can see someone creating a mod for this...
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  11. We could have banned people spawn in a chamber with the only way out being a trap door into a pit of mobs or lava. Maybe a sign that says goodbye next to a button for the trap door in the floor.
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  12. When we get the new tutorial, they should so convert the old one to be that chamber...
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  13. I would love to see a ender dragon move over the person picks them up and !!!!vanish!!!!
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  14. A little like this;
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  15. Nono, a banner has land on them in an animation according to what they did wrong... so for griefing, their whole res disappears (temporarily) because it's squished by the hammer. ;)
  16. EPIC!! :D lol
  17. And for TNT abuse... this one:
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  18. The good old days of runescape...until they added the Grand Exchange thats when it got horrible
  19. 07scape - Jagex's "amazing new innovation".

    AKA, the simple idea to use the 2007 backups to remake a decent game.