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  1. I have an image in my documents saved as a JPG file but I can't figure out how to copy the url because I made it myself in Photoshop. Please explain to me how to get the url if it's even possible, thanks! :D
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  2. I think a URL is a website link of the image. The best way to transfer the image to your signature would be to upload that image to something like Imgur, then right clicking and pushing the "copy image URL" button. After that, you click the little tree above the chat area in the signature and just paste it.
    Little tree

    After you right click image, copy image URL
    I kind of hope this is what you were asking. Dx <--- That's Imgur yo.
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  3. Thanks! :D
    Will try it!
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  4. Just went on imgur, saw swears, mom was in next room, X-outed, :p
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  5. My bad! Completely ignored the cursing there. Sorry. :c

    Could try this guy --->

    Seems pretty tame.
    Just select your file, choose whether or not it's family safe, then click upload. Also choose whether you would like to re-size or not

    Then you just click that, then rinse, wash, and repeat what I said up there. :p
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  6. Thank you so much!!
    Took me 2 hours trying to figure it out :p
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  7. Huzzah! Glad I could help! Looks great btw. :)
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