Ima Katniss!

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  1. Hello, I have recently changed my skin to Katniss from the Hunger Games. I just wanted to ask, who here likes the Hunger Games, books, film or both? Also if you have another Hunger Games skin I would LOVE to see it.
  2. I love both movie and books!
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  3. You have already seen me as peeta ;)
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  4. Peeta = Awesomeness!
  5. The books are great, the movie was great. I'm an avid fan. However, I think Suzanne Collins could have been a little less, uh, depressing with the end of MockingJay.
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  6. Snape kills dumbledore!

    Oh wait, wrong book series
  7. I've read the first book and seen the movie. I have liked it a lot so far.
  8. Yeah, I read that book twice and cried both times. :( I think Collins could make a forth book with what happened in the Hunger Games with the Capitol children. :) Xxxxxx.
  9. Love the books my favorite is Mocking Jay
  10. I loved the series and movie, but I feel people overrate it. A lot.
    It annoys me that it's blowing up now, when I read it in '08. Just 'sayin.
  11. I am reading book 3 and I will go to the movie... I like the first 2 books a lot!
  12. at the end of book three = intense
  13. I read the first book. It's REALLY good
  14. Hey, I like the books so much. I readed them about 1 year ago, and I'm reading them another time cuz they are so awesome. I think I'll see the movie soon, also. I have created many skins for the Hunger Games because of this ,
    and my friend created a very cool skin of Caesar Flickerman :p. Btw, his name is Alexhuac.
  15. So how many Hunger Games threads do we have now?
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  16. I know about 3: This, mine and AlexHallon's. Awesome! :)
  17. :) I always have loved the Hunger Games, always will! Me and a few friends are making a HG movie in thee Autumn (Fall for you Americans) It will be released some time then on my YouTube account: NPireStateOfMind. Xxxxx.
  18. Not a book reader myself, but I loved the movie. Glad Lionsgate was a part of making it. I'm pretty much a fan of everything they touch.
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  19. You just need one that you find interesting ;)

    I agree though, Lionsgate is great, as is Pixar in my opinion.
  20. It's not in me. I always have and always will rather watch the movie and get it over with in 2 hours instead of days/weeks.
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