IM4 Country Life Outpost

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  1. SMP9 Outpost : Country Life

    I have some concerns;
    * In the coming upgrade the distance was quoted as 5000 blocks away from a spawning outposts so I'm not sure where my place is from this Outpost.

    * I have been building this for some time now and some other players moved in close to where I was going to expand which is causing me problems with entity counts on my farm.
    I need a lot of land to get the farm animals and eventual villager numbers I need.
    So how much area can I claim and what about these come-lately neighbors that are in the way of my planned area. Will I have to move (ARRRRGGGG)?

    * Lately players have stripped the areas near my place of most of the trees, instead of going to the Wasteland to get resources or replanting they just take and take until the place looks terrible, similarly some ares near spawn points the players have quarried out stone leaving the landscape full of giant holes, trenches, pits, water traps, ect, a real mess. Also this has been the case of a lot of the underground as well as it is riddled with mining tunnels.This is unacceptable behavior in the Frontier.
    I did start to replant trees and plants but they were taken as well, these player types need a very short leash because they are very inconsiderate of other player's property and the over all Frontier environment above and below ground.

    A GM can e-mail me about any of this, thnx
  2. I also have a place on SMP3 that got severely raped and damaged by a griever player who got kick out of the game but what took me weeks to build was ruined and all my stuff taken, some people are just jerks.
    I am not going to work on this until I know what will happen with the Outpost situation.
  3. PS put me in for Land manager
  4. IM4 PM sent