I'm Tottaly New To Minecraft

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  1. I'm trying to get started here, this is my first server to actually join, I'm having alot of trouble, I keep dying in the wilderness, can't find wood, when I do find it, and get an axe built, I die. I keep dying, I don't know if I'll ever get a floor in my home!! any suggestions.
    p.s. you tube videos make it look tooooo easy!! maybe I'm too old for this (28)??
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  2. The safest way to get wood is to buy a few saplings from someone's shop in town and plant them on your res. When they grow, you will have wood that you can build with or sell.
    Ps- Welcome to EMC
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  3. Welcome to EMC. Heck no you aren't too old for this. I'm almost 32, so "old guys" can do it. I died a ton when I first started playing, it happens. Buy or make some armor, buy or make a sword and don't leave town without them. :) Also, ask in chat if anyone wants to go to the wild with you. Having someone watch your back can make a huge difference.
    If I'm on, come to 623 on SMP1. I'll get you set up with some good stuff that will help you out. I should be on around 7 or 8 pm (MST)
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  4. I'm older than all of y'all, and I'm not too old, so neither are you ;) I'd suggest getting some very basic supplies, like saplings, seeds and a couple buckets of water and then claiming a residence in town. Then grow some food and trees. Maybe sell the surplus and get some armor and weapons going, so that next time you're in the wild you will be more prepared.
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  5. I'm 40-something (can't even remember exactly how old) so I know just what you're talking about. You'll get the hang of it. Here are some tips:

    • Never dig straight up unless you know exactly what is up there (sand, gravel, and lava can kill).
    • Never dig straight down (falling and lava can kill).
    • Start in the morning collecting wood. Try to get at least 30 logs before nightfall.
    • In an emergency, there's nothing wrong with building a tower of dirt directly under yourself to get out of the reach of monsters and their arrows (just make sure you remove the tower when you're finished).
    • In an emergency, you can dig into the dirt directly under you (or right in front of you if you pay attention to tip #2) four blocks deep and then put two blocks above you to keep you safe during the night. A little pointer here is that if you look at the live map you can see whether it's day or night so you know when to come out of your gopher hole.
    • Walk/run carefully over new terrain (falling can kill you).
    • Build yourself a small shelter (I usually dig into the side of a hill) to start the first night. You can make torches and tools with the wood you collected.
    • Once you have tools, you can start to expand your shelter and collect more resources.
    • Charcoal works just as well as coal for torches and furnaces.
    • On your residence in town, make yourself a couple food plots. Wheat can make bread and more seeds for more wheat (wheat can be harvested quickly by pouring a water bucket nearby). Melons can be crafted into melon seeds plus unless you accidentally hit the plant, you won't need to replant. Two small food plots will mean you never run out of food.
    [edit] When I have time, I'd be happy to go out on a brief expedition with you so we can get you the materials for that floor.
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  6. My best advice is to learn to survive in single player. That's what I did. It makes it much easier to adjust to the Empire. You learn faster, have more fun, etc. Plus, it's the raw Minecraft experience.

    On a completely unrelated note: I'm playing Skyrim at the moment, trying to level up my smithing... I can carry 440 lbs of items... I have around 5000 lbs, and rising as I smith. Apparently Minecraft isnt the only game where you can carry like 50 sets of armor around with you :D
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  7. I agree with HillbillyBeastly, Margaritte, and Edmund. When you go out mining, go beyond the nuke zone near spawn, which is a death trap and has had most of its resources stripped out of it anyway. Preparing before you go out and upgrading your armor and weapons as you go will help a lot. I'm always game for spelunking some caves if you ever want to look me up.
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  8. Wow, what a great response so quickly, thank all of you, I would love someone to go out int0 the wilderness with, I'm not sure I explained how beginner I am. I've had MineCraft for about 2months. this is not only the first server I have joined, it's also the VERY FIRST multiplayer online game I've every played in my LIFE. I think I need to read more, and practice more. Thank you so much for your input. I don't know how to "look anyone up"LoL, but feel free to contact me if there is a way. I think my place is 10547..... I could me wrong
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  9. To look up a player's last login or what server they are on if they are online just type /p [username]