Im Tehwafflez :D better late than never

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  1. Hi guys im Tehwafflez.. I forgot to make one of these when I 1st joined the server. I think Ive been on the server for 2 months now :D

    anyways Im 14 almost 15 a freshmen in high school. I got straight A's. I love computer designing. At the moment I am taking 3D modeling and animation and I am loving it :D.

    I have a Wii and used to do competitive gaming on the Wii.

    I have a 4.25GPA (woo :D honors classes FTW?)

    I started playing MC since early Jan and found this server soon thereafter. This is defiantley my fav server I keep coming back :D
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  2. Welcome! Congrats on the Straight A's (Keep em' up!). Never knew there was a competitive side to Wii gaming. xD I would definitely agree...Empire Minecraft is by far the best server I've been on. [I never leave ;) ]
  3. Welcome! Congrats on the grades and I agree with you on EMC.
  4. Do u have a 3ds?? If u do tell me and ill give u my friend code.
  5. Do a's grow on tree? If they do tell me...
  6. Sorry equinox I donts got a 3ds I will get me a wii u and will be going all out competitive man hit me ups on skype if u wanna play some wii skype: waffledude007 name: [KS]Waffle... KS stands for Kill Stealers :D mah clan that has mostly moved to ps3 but me no got one I'm just the tech dude with mad skillz
  7. Oh ok 3ds r awesome