Im taking a programming class!

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  1. Yes, it's true, I'm taking one. My goal is to make at least 1 mod or plugin.
  2. What language is it?
  3. Uhhh Im not to sure...
  4. It needs to be Java if you want to make mods for Minecraft.
  5. Good luck. And I am not being sarcastic.:D
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  6. not to sound mean but your taking a class in programming but you dont know wich 1 :p ?
    thats like take a spoken language class but not knowing wich 1 your gone be speaking xD

    but my 1 tip for you is classes will only introduce you to a language or programming in general reality is 99% of the stuff you wana learn you are gone have to learn your self anyway good luck on your mod :)

    but if it is java its a very good language to start with in my opinion :)
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  7. Java is a good language. I was an idiot and went straight to Objective-C :confused:! I am doing Java now and it is a good language.
  8. Dude... Im taking programming too!!! I got excited because i learned Lua over the summer (a child of java) but yeah! I dont know what language either so dont feel bad.. :-P
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  9. oooh god from nothing to objective-C you sir have the balls that must have been quite the learning curve.
  10. Yeah. Still learning. I did learn programming basics with App inventor but that is nothing. But the good thing with Objective-C is that you say UITableViewRowAnimationAutomatic is stead of UTVRAA or something you can't remember.
  11. Good on ya!!
  12. Yeah daviv's right. The class will teach you the syntax and some basic stuff but if you want to do anything more 'interesting' like Minecraft mods then Google is your friend. If I'm ever unsure on a bit of code I just Google and get my answer. :)

    I'd suggest making a Bukkit mod first because it's much more documented than Minecraft mods.
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  13. Yeah the class is over now. It wasn't Java, but I'm gonna try to do some Java.
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