I'm supposed to post something here, aren't I?

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Who is more awesome: Notch or JustinGuy? (I know, unfair question, but I had to ask)

Poll closed Dec 18, 2011.
Notch 3 vote(s) 18.8%
JustinGuy 13 vote(s) 81.3%
  1. Ok, so...


    There, I've posted something ^_^

    About me: College student, <3 computers and machines, <3<3<3 Minecraft, triathlete, cyclist...


    Yeah, that's about all you need to know. Love the server guys, keep up the good work!
    I'd support you, but I need a job first :3
    Fingers crossed!
  2. :) great to have you, nice poll lol.
  3. Disclaimer: You may or may not be removed from the Empire based on your vote.

    Disclaimer 2: Just Kidding.
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  4. Well, hello there tjboy. Which server are you playing on ?
  5. Notch bailed on his creation, i cant see Justin ever doing that :)
    Unless of course if he could take early retirement and live on a beach drinking and perving all day :)
  6. I chose Notch because he made the game, allowing for Justins pure, blinding awesomness!

    EDIT: Lol, I am the only one who has chosen Notch :D
  7. Lmao, I am not! You did see the end of my unedited post right?
  8. Hiya! Playing on smp3 of course. Best server yet imao. Just cause everyone there is as nice as nice can be... well, except for Crazy1080...

    I keed Crazy, don't ban me pl0x. I can kiss feet later to make up for it.

    Um, hehe... thx? :cool:
    I wanted to do one and that was the only thing that came to mind. Um, do both admins and 2 mods usually post on noob intros like this? Or is this a sign that I'm in some deep... well, you know...? :confused:

    Great servers! I don't mean to plug, but JabrZer0 has made an awesome statue of you, complete with a banhammer hot-tub. You ought to check it out (when you have time, of course).

    See you all later in the Empire! (Love the new rupees system btw, very convenient)
  9. Oh, it's nothing at all... How did he figure it out so fast!?
  10. Oh shiz...
  11. Oh dang, just saw the hidden text.

  12. Haha, I figured out the color code for the background of the dark-type themes. You'll find that most of my posts have hidden items. It makes everything more fun.

    The code is 2A2A2A
  13. I'm never underestimating you again Cra... *sees more hidden text*
    ...Sneaky devil.
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  14. XD you a very sneaky person crazy XD

    P.S. I hope this works XD YAYA it worked : D
  15. I just made your text Moderator-Green.
    I love Color Codes.
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  16. i feel like there has been a conversation going on my entire life and it was always hidden in the gray text.

    I dont even know you people anymore.
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  17. Haha there there, it'll be alright :p What you don't know wont hurt you :D

    Quick fact, Christmas is around the corner, what ya'll doing on the day?
  18. that would be a good meme you know..

    "its in the gray text"

    I feel a signature coming on ^.^
  19. It's a new habit I have started up. When MR2R2M was talking about how he needed a magnifying glass to read my tiny text. I decided to make it even harder to read.

    This letter was brought to you by the color 'Steve Beige.' As seen on ISMOOCH's avatar.
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