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  1. I was on a nether rail transport that has half slabs on the top. I accidentally dismounted and now I can't move. To get out I must greif. If possible could the creator of the rail, tzgiles, give me permission to break it or could I get some sort of staff approval if I promise to put them back?
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  2. If you need to break some blocks to get out of there, go ahead, just put it back the way it was and let tzgiles know what happened, so he can make sure it's the way he wants it.
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  3. Ok thank you!
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  4. Haha, that's happened to me on Ob1bob69's half slabbed rail line many times!
  5. l
    that wasn't supposed to happen
  6. No prob JZH, I'll see if I can add a path next to the rail line in case something like that happens in the future
  7. ok thanks everyfoby