Im stuck on my wilderness island

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  1. Okay so im out in the wilderness looking for a place to settle down and get some resources to build my home, and come back to retrieve more, Well i come to find out no command will let me all it says is i need to be in a town, so how do i get out, i want to come back.
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    Click the "Live map" according to which server you play.
    Click wilderness (on the right side)
    You will see a map of the wild and a list of player to the right.
    find you name. click on it.
    you will see where you are

    EDIT : Urgh. Crazy win :D
  4. crap so i have to go almost 6k blocks back?
    I dont mind really, but can you sometime in the future set up a thing where players can tele to their wilderness maps?
  5. Slight problem. im out in the middle of freakin nowhere and i cant find the spawn.
  6. LoL. why cant? u just came 6k block there. :p so u can go 6k block back :D

  7. That sort of defeats the Survival aspect of Minecraft, being able to teleport around between where you have been and town. I know it may be a bit of a hassle to walk all the way back with all of your stuff, but it also makes that stuff more important to you and you feel a bigger sense of accomplishment. :)
  8. And i cant find the spawn and if i die i lose my stuff. thats the problem.
  9. Actually u can just walk 6000/8 block back :p

    Nether is like a hyperspace of minecraft

    paving the floor with ice and run and sprint will get u back in 47 sec :D
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  10. Okay im logged in and whenever i click on my name it glitches out
  11. Well i could go back if someone could post the coords of the Western Outpost, because thats all i really need.
  12. nearest outpost coordinate is -9900,1200
    u r at -13200,1900

    Yep. that's the west outpost
  13. Thanks nnnnmc1
  14. Get one of the "Mini Map" programs to ad to you game. There are only two right now that I know of. Google Rei's minimap and zanMinimap. Both have waypoints storage features. You'll have to get back there (island) first to store a waypoint though. Good luck!! :D