I'm stuck in the Wastelands, it won't let me move

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by sgx2000, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. I keep getting a message saying I can't move any further in this direction and it's like that for every direction. I'm out near the map border on the Wastelands Wild on smp9. I can show you on the live map but disconnected so I didn't take a chance in dying.
  2. ahhh there we go, now i'm freed up and can move again. wow.
  3. I would contact a mod or staff. If you let them teleport to you and see that you can't move, they may be able to teleport you out of that section

    Edit: well nevermind, could a mod please close this thread?
  4. well damn it happened again, i guess you can't go near the edge of the unrendered areas in the wasteland :(
  5. Wastelands edges are pretty glitchy. If you come to SMP2 when I'm online I'll teleport to you on the server that you're on and place some blocks or water currents to try and get you out. :)