I'm stuck in a villager well in the protected spawn

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  1. I'm stuck in a villager well in the wilderness protected spawn on SMP6 and I can't get out or drown myself and I can't destroy or place blocks I need help. HELP!
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  2. I will never understand why people put a . before commands on the forum... :p
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  3. What does that do?

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  4. Perhaps take a look at this http://empireminecraft.com/guide/commands

    Any other questions can be found in the Guide too :)

    Let the Guide be your friend. :D

    ( But to give you the answer now, It sends you back to the Wild spawn building. but that only works at the protected zone. )

    EDIT: I have just noticed that there is no section in there giving the commands at Wild, My mistake, I just have rushed to give an answer.
  5. To be fair, I'm almost positive it's not said anywhere in the guide that most town commands can be used in the protected area. It is on the wiki page however :)
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  6. Tell Lassie to go get help
  7. Your right, it doesn't say that in the guide. :p
  8. Oh my mistake, I had thought there was a section in that page that showed commands in the Wild, I just seemed to have rushed to post a comment. I have not checked the EMC wiki though that often. So, yeah :/ Whoops.
  9. It's not your fault, it really should be in there. It does have every command listed, they just are on one page. I'm also pretty sure that it explicitly says that /wild, /home, /town ect. only work in town, which isn't 100% true. Pop to the wiki more, I hear the owner is really nice! :D
  10. Maybe its just me, but it kinda seems like common sense to use the same commands in the wild to get back to spawn :p idk
  11. isnt it just /wild???
  12. Only /home and /town work in Protected Areas.
  13. Just lol :p
  14. lol, jack we all know thats you
  15. you can use town commands in the spawn area
  16. I remember when I first started.. I got stuck in a hole in the protected zone, and ended up whispering people to figure out how to get out. The first three people ignored me, haha. I guess my newbiness was too much for them to handle! :p
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  17. Lol. I got out a few days ago, but not after losing all of my items in my inventory cause I was throwing them out of the well and trying to drown myself and respawn.
  18. Since my skin is a TNT Creeper, I should've just blown up the well. :)
  19. Hahaha, i remember in the old days when you cant do /wild or /home in protected spawn.