I'm starting to renew a area in the wilderness.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Step one, Get rid of those stupid 1 block wide towers. You might call it griefing but think about it, their only one block wide, and 15 blocks high. They have no use. Just rebuilt a griefed town thing. Well, not really a town, more like a few buildings. It looks much better now and I added a few crafting tables and furnaces to it.
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  2. okay.... i hope you know in certain areas of the wilderness they reset occasionally
  3. I'm way outside of it.
  4. How long does it take for a reset? And What server are you fixing up?
  5. i used 1 block wide towers with a torch on top on my single player to find my way home before i knew about coordinates
  6. Yes but this, is in EMC. We have a live map.
  7. A LOT of people use those as landmarks. Some people don't know about the map, or simply don't want to alt+tab back and forth (or use a 2nd monitor). There are even some who don't feel using the map is any fun, since it's a survival map and they consider it "cheating".

    If there's tons of these 1 block towers in a small area then go for it but if there's one that seems to be out in "the middle of nowhere" it's most likely a landmark and I'd suggest you build a small tower or something in its place. Preserve the landmark but get rid of the eyesore.
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  8. I dont think 1x1 tower is a problem. Like ChocoboXV said, it's a useful landmark "simply don't want to alt+tab back and forth (or use a 2nd monitor)."

    The real problem is hole on the ground where creeper blow-up. and terraforming of desert area that got mined out.
    Really hard to navigate those landscape.
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  9. I'm just saying, just because you think something is ugly or useless, doesn't mean the person who made it does. I'm very wary of these wilderness reclamation projects, planting saplings is one thing, but when you start making judgments on other peoples creations, you're walking a thin line. One person's eyesore is another's masterpiece.
  10. I dont get rid of all of them, just the ones that are clustered together.
  11. I have a better idea then those towers. I'm going to make some signs and put WEST, EAST, NORTH, and SOUTH on them. They wont look as ugly and will mean I can take MOST of the towers down.
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  12. watchout bro.... somebody could go toa mine and try to find they're way back to see you destroying their landmark, alot of wilderness adventurers carry a bucket of lava... *sizzle sizzle*
  13. I despise those towers! People need to mark their territory in a more subtle way, for their own benefit too, so nobody knows exactly where their secret base is, haha.