Im starting a village on my res.

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  1. There will be a floating island in air (Rich, better house)
    Villager above ground (Middle Class)
    Town under ground (Lowest Class)

    Im doing this on SMP4, so any donations will be appretiated. :]
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  2. i have a floating isl that i built on my friends res ( still not finished :/ ) :D
    well, two floating isls, 1 grass and the other mycelium.
    also try making a mansion on it cause that might make it awesome.
  3. Cool. And? I:
  4. And again... I've read that title and I was all like "Hmm, a village? He probably has a nice idea. A living together thing or something, maybe some roleplay or what ever probably be something interesting." And what did it turn out to be? Another donation request without any kind of information. No creativ mode screenshot of the planning, no screenshot of a start showing "hey I really do this", nothing. I mean okay you can do this. Last time I checked this wasnt forbidden, but then again how likely would you yourself donate to sth like that? What is the motivation for people? If you had like screenshot or sth what makes me feel like WOW that must definitly be build on EMC that is so nice I might have some motivation to donate, but like this is also could be a rip off from my rupee.

    ***This is just my opinion maybe it helps you to improve. If not you may also ignore it***
  5. Sounds good
  6. Fine then, Ill make a creative example in flat lands, then post a pic.
  7. At the end, it sounded like
    'I live on smp4. Because of this, I need rupees from donations'.

    I will not donate. It seems like you're just begging for rupees. You have no creative mode planning in here at all, which means, to me, that you have nothing planned.
  8. How does one get a house in this village?
  9. Just ask, there will be no rent. If you want one, I can hold one in the flying islands.
  10. Yes, I rephrased that REALLY wrong, I meant was "I live on Smp4, so if your going to donate"
    And I do not mean rupees, I mean simple building blocks.. Wood, Stone, Cobble, anything.
  11. ok thanks
  12. Never mind, Im using this resident to move to a different server.
  13. What the heck? I had the floating village onmy old res, with a parkour race under!!
  14. Okay, I never said anything about that?
  15. You're rude. And I plan to build a town underground with a storyline RPG.
  16. All I said was okay, I wasnt being rude. You brought up something random, and took my idea..
  17. Excuse me? I havent ever even heard of you and I built my one months ago.
  18. This has just turned into debate. Would a mod please close this? Thanks
  19. More than one person can have the same idea. Unless you took the time to go through all the stuff to patent your idea then you can't scream "he stole my idea." You both can have a village and it can be used for whatever you want.
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  20. My first post wasn't meant to mean 'you copied me', I was just saying wow you had the same idea as me.