I'm Sorry

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  1. I was thinking today and I came to realize I was being pretty harsh about my comments and though's on things specially for the current situation of which a lot of you care about. I found it was pretty unfair, I had to speak with one of my very very sentimental friends to realize how unfair I was being with my comments and opinions. I don't think I should express my opinion and feelings on matters of that sort or any that involves humans in its whole as I can become pretty raw/bizarre. I'm not asking you guys to actually forgive me, I'm just leaving this out there as my word of not taking participation in such conversations.
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  2. :p First Comment :p

    Its alright July, your still my friend no matter what happens. :D
  3. I will still love you like a friend july :D
  4. For a second, I thought this was a appeal..
  5. Jul, I love you!
  6. I'm glad you've apologized to the community - you'll learn most of us are quick to forgive someone. Especially when they sound sincere. :)
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  7. Apprently I'm epic
  8. Orrrrrr people just agreed with what you said?... Yeah, that sounds right.