I'm *somewhat* back

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  1. Hello EmpireMinecraft. I'm back (from the dead) from taking a long break from Minecraft. I took a break due to school/life. I've come back because EMC is my second favorite Minecraft server ever. (I can't tell you the first because the is advertising) So for all you new people who don't know me, here's a little background:

    My name is James. I used to own the biggest Casino on EMC and held the title for Best Casino Host for quite a while. I never really play Minecraft but i do log on every once in a while to see what's going on (that's changing now) I'm 15 years of age and used to be a Diamond Supporter.

    You will most likely see me on SMP9 or SMP8.
  2. Welcome back!
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  3. Thanks :3
  4. Back from the dead :confused: Welcome back!
  5. Yes, back from the dead. I died 3 times, one from being hit by a bus the other 2 from being pulled to pieces by squirrels. Quite painful...
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  6. I remember you :) do you remember me when I was a newb?
    Welcome back :)
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  7. lol i kidna remember you Jim. :3