I'm So sad! :'(

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  1. Hi everyone I miss all of you I wish I was there so this is a message please send it on the server smp7 and share this with others

    could you give them a message for me please if so here is the message.
    Hi SMP7 its me Allen I miss all of you including BlueDolphinGirls and Highlancer and Cadenman2002 BlueDolphinGirls I miss you as much as I miss Keldeo and well I wish I wasn't gone if you want to ask why then ask weeh666 well BlueDolphin I wish I was there to see all the great builds keldeo I'm sorry for my house and Blue if I could be on the server one more time I would give you all my stuff and I would let you get your presents from the christmas party I got kicked while building andI got some of you presents just go to /v AllenMCStudios and go by the jungle tree and see the signs and the chests they are your presents BlueDolphinGirls take care of my res and BlueDolphin also buy a dropper and take my hoppers from the resturant dig on the chests and put the hopper under the chest and face it towards the dropper and get a button and put it there and by everyones chest and call everyone there and get a bow and shoot the button and it will start gving out the items only take yours and well keldeo and everyone on empire and especially smp7 I guess this is Goodbye I'm sorry if only I had another chance I wouldn't do it again I don't care what it takes I would have a thousand creepers come after me when I go in the wild just to get back on I will do anything Bye guys if I make a server I will invite you Bye *cry's because of loss of friends* :'( *sigh goes in depression*
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  2. So, Is this a ban appeal? If so, this is the wrong way to go by doing it. PM the mod who banned you and be patient :)
  3. No its not a Ban Appeal I've done did that and I'm patient
  4. its just a message about that I wish I could be there and that I have some presents and I want someone to please tell that message on smp7 please
  5. Awwww :( we all miss you amigo. I was wondering what on earth was in those chests... Is there any way I can access it? Or must I have someone open it for me? Doesn't matter. We hope you get back! I always loved your great builds!
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  6. ok just ask bluedolphingirls she has build command she can go and take the hoppers from the resturant and give her a dropper and a lever and tell her to keep flicking it until it stops and get everyone on the ssigns there please caden your my only hope of giving those presents .you and bluedolphingirls shes my neighbor
    thx for the comment hope to see ya soon by the way todays my BIRTHDAY YAY 12/11
  7. Okay, I'll get in contact with her at once