i'm slightly confused.

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  1. while playing my hardcore single player game, i kept hearing spiders outside my house. so i went to look, thinking i was going to get attacked the second i revealed myself. these two spiders were as calm as cows... i walked up to them, even pushed them... they just, stayed there. i even hit each of them twice with my spear... nothing at all happened. they didn't get mad, they just... kept going about their business. lol so, i didn't kill them, i am just letting them go. maybe they will change their minds on hating me at a later time?

    does anyone know why this happened? i've never in my years of playing came across this. lol

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  2. No idea :D But I've also never seen a spear before :D
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  3. well, as you can see, that is what a stone sword looks like on my texture pack. LOL
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  4. If spiders are in light level 9+ they will become passive.
  5. That explains a lot :D

    But about the spiders, I have no idea why they ain't hitting you :D I've seen it happening before tho, but no idea why it happens
  6. Creative mode?
  7. How I understand it is that they are passive in sunlight, although when provoked they will defend themselves. Strange how they ignored your attacks... Also, cool texture pack! :)
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  9. Spiders. will be passive to sunlight in a light level of 9 or more.
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  10. thank you for pointing out the obvious for me, Malicaii12 :)
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  11. hmm, that is extremely odd, well i guess to me since i've never had it happen. lol
  12. Wow. Fail. It's 9, Not 15. I misposted.
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  13. lol it is all the same, :) i still got your excellent point.
  14. What texture pack do you use?
  15. Do you
    Do you like it? :)
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  16. Yes that's why I asked.
  17. I will let you know later when I have access to my computer. I'm busy at the moment. :)
  18. nice texture pack and i think the problem is they have a passive glitcht so they dont turn evil
  19. The players are the evil ones, not the mobs.
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