I'm sad that i will be leaving you.

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  1. I'm sad that I will be leaving you but I need to concentrate more on life. I've been neglecting tasks and its been bringing my life down. I will be on for a week or so still to finish demolishing my house and giving my stuff to some of my friends. I need though, a few demolishers, you can keep what you get but as an entrance fee it will cost 300r to get in the reason being i have valuable glowstone and redsotne lamps and other valuable things like over 25 inventorys full. So in conclusion this one one of the best servers i have been on and i will always recomend it to my friends.
    P.S my res is on smp3 and it is 6187
  2. Good luck in that thing called real life! And may you always be succesful in all your endeavors. Godspeed my friend.
  3. Thx and to anyone I can always use prayers.
  4. Good luck in life! *anounces socomsolder289 has left the empire! :( *
  5. Good luck out in the real world.
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  6. What is this "real world" and "real life" you people are talking about?
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  7. I pray for your protection from Lowyatar's children. May you have a great life.
  8. Thx silly white mage, that is so kind of you after you gave me such a hard time about my punctuation. lol
  9. *cannon fires for fallen EMCer* Good luck, and I hope you can pop on every once in a while! :)
  10. I always hate when people leave, even if I have NO clue who they are D: