I'm reading a book! [Need opinions!]

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Did/do you like this book?

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  1. So. We all know how we have/had to read at least one book per year in every English class, right? Well, my teacher gave us Of Mice and Men. I read a few pages and found it interesting. But, I'd like to hear other people's opinions of the book. So let me know what you liked/disliked and why. No spoilers past page 12! :D
  2. Sorry I haven't read that book
  3. hmm, don't look this up on YouTube then, this can almost be spoiled by a five second video lol
  4. I know my school reads Of Mice and Men for GCSE ( havent got to that GCSE stage yet)
    My teacher loves the book though, so it cant be to bad
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  5. I have to read four books for my language arts class. The first we've started reading is The Book Thief.
  6. That's a really good book, I enjoyed it. Are you reading it because of a inu on the holocaust? Or just because your teacher was like: book, read, ok?
  7. Funny, my grade 9 academic English course just finished reading this! I personally loved the book and it has a good ending :)
  8. We are reading the Iliad

    Literally the entire second chapter/book is in this format

    Tribe leader; brought # men, known for ...., some other thing

    It was incredibly boring, I hope nothing like that happens in your book
  9. Our school does a project on of mice and men sounds good
  10. I personally liked the book - I didn't expect the ending, but if you like books where you can immerse yourself into the characters - this would one of those... It's a very well written piece :)
  11. The only thing I know is toe (Orteil) has it as a achievement. It should be good.
  12. It's a piece of Classic Americana Literature; that's really why most teachers have it in their curriculum. I found the book to be somewhat confusing; while reading it you're interpreting and trying to remember character personalities and some of the personalities of the most important characters are hard to remember at times. I also find that it's hard to picture Selainas, California; they do a very vivid descriptive paragraph about it in a 170 page book. That's really my only gripe with it though; I'd rate it at a 7/10.
  13. Sorta like book, read, ok?
  14. Ok, book, read?
  15. Here is a book, ok? Read it