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  1. Hi im dakotahass11 owner of res #3931 and am poor i was thinking someone can help me build and donate please,

    (dakota hass)
  2. Hi man,

    Dont worry, lots of people would be in your situation :)

    Fear not I have found a solution for you :)

    Here is the link that will provide you with all the knowledge you will ever need to become a millionaire in no time :):
  3. thanks so much
  4. No worries, happy to help :)
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  5. Does vista work to donate
  6. You can't be that poor?:confused:
    I mean.... You are a gold supporter and get like 700 rupees a day?
  7. i just got gold like at 2:30 and i didnt get no money
  8. If you've already redeemed your daily log-in bonus, you'll likely have to wait until the next day to receive your new set income. Also, don't forget to vote for EMC on MCSL and Minestatus for an extra 100r a day.
  9. By the way supporters get like 1300r a day if they log in or not so don't worry man you will be fine!;)
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  10. Regular= 100 rupees
    Iron=400 rupees
    Gold= 700 rupees
    Diamond= 1300 rupees
  11. Yeah I wasn't sure I knew one of the supporters got 1300r and I thought it was the same for all supporters.
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  12. OH ok thanks
  13. Please don't post this kind of stuff on the market place it just makes it busy and unorganized.
  14. Why dont you just go earn money for yourself and stop being lazy?
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  15. y dont u be a regular like me who is lazy now :p
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  16. Hey no need to be harsh, I have already provided him with links that will help him earn those rupees :)
  17. wat MR2R2M said
  18. i was REALLY surprised to see how little hate this got i was sure every post was going to be mean and uncalled for also i think this would go in the market place since it is talking about rupees.
  19. this maybe a scam to get more money
    since ur gold supporter and get 700r a day
    unlike me who get 100r
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