I'm paying someone to build me an automatic tree farm.

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  1. The title pretty much says it all. I have an automatic tree farm that I built myself based on a tutorial I found, but it only works for oak trees and is not sapling or apple friendly. If anyone knows how to build an automatic tree farm that works for oak, pine, and birch trees, I will be happy to pay you for your services.

    It's not required to drop saplings, but that would be a very nice feature. :) I am willing to provide all the materials you need.

    You can find me on smp1, res 1588, or on the utopia server, res 5274. :D
  2. Auto tree farms don't exist for pine or birch, yet.

    I know of one for oak, and one for jungle.
  3. didn't think we could build fully auto tree farms. Can anybody confirm?
  4. Well, not fully auto. But it condenses the logs into a 12 by 12 block and breaks the leaves for you.
  5. Interested. have a link?
  6. Pthagaard has one somewhere around /v 2195
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  7. guess I just want a visual of how it works. cannot get on for a while. sounds like it busts the logs and leaves down for you, am I right? that's priceless
  8. You still have to chop the wood
  9. aah. still good. the leaves are a pain.
  10. The best way to make an automated tree farm is with that cart plugin.
    On the last server I was on I had a tree farm that planted and harvested trees.
  11. Yes, there's no such thing as anything completely automatic. But an "automatic" tree farm organizes the wood better and consumes less time, and since I have a ridiculously high demand for tree logs, I'm having to chop down at least 192 trees everytime I restock, which is about every other day if I'm lucky. Maybe I need to raise my prices. xD

    Also I looked on youtube and there are some that do pine and birch, but I'm guessing they don't work in smp servers. Oh well. :x
  12. Can you provide a link yo the pine and birch?
  13. The problem with treefarms is that they tend to get "stuck" at server high-load hours.

    I like to think that mine is 100% proof and doesnt get stuck even with 2 ppl spamming. (1 saps and 1 bonemeal)