I'm opening a shop...

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  1. Hey empire, I'm finally back from two months without Internet! I am opening a shop very soon, and I am going to need help stocking and I will also eventually show you some pictures.
    Here is the setup:
    Floor One: Wool and Dyes
    Floor Two: Mob Drops, Miscellanious, Restarant
    Floor Three: Minerals, Redstone, and Rails
    Floor Four: Grenades, Ingredients,and potions not sold in the restarant
    Floor Five: Dimensional Goods
    Floor Six: Armory
    Floor Seven: My Auction House
    Floor Eight: Building Items
    Floor Nine: Rooftop Plaza and Firework Machine
    Lobby: Brad the Bard's auction house, Decoration Blocks, News Board, Teleportation

    I am going to need a couple of suppliers after I get at least 20k (hopefully by next month)
    So if you would like to voulenteer, please put a post in this thread.

    Also my brothers, JPSeabury and The_Bard2723 are opening their auction shops. Stop by 4017 for Brad the Bard's auction house, 3891 for JPSeabury's, and 4015 for my mall.

    Also I would like to thank Jackbiggin for giving The_Bard2723 proper instructions to successfully join EMC!
  2. Also we have a contest going. For the next three days anyone can drop off anything they would like to give. (only when I'm on at smp2 residence 4015) whoever gives the most items wins 3k!