I'm Nouveu, Kind of

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  1. Been part of the empire for over a week now, so thought I'd say hi on here. d:

    I took French for two years but forgot all of it, even though my username is "French." Spanish suffered the same fate.

    I'm taking second year Japanese right now and am a computer science/Japanese double major. Thus is my life in a nutshell.

    When I have surplus cobblestone I sometimes build random bases that I'm fine if anyone uses. If anyone wants to see them (only one right now since my first one was griefed), pop me a message. Otherwise, have fun finding them.

    I also have a mushroom water tower. I use it to water my melon plants.
  2. I took Spanish for like 4 years in public schools but all I can do is count to three lol
  3. Welcome to the empire Jeu! glad you decided to sign up on the site aswell, you can see all of the latest news and updates here and chat with our friendly community. I hope you have fun on this server for aslong as it stands!
  4. Taking spanish 2 right now very hard xD were on my personal favorite section! Food! :3
  5. I did spanish for like.. 5 years. Stopped less than six months ago. My memory has been erased of it already. :p
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  6. I did German for 2 years and all i can remember is numbers, swearing and half the days of the week. I am satisfied to be able to swear half the week without people knowing what i am saying though :)