Im not quit "new"

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  1. Im not new to EMC but i would love to talk =D. I hope that all is well in EMC but the problem is my friend updated my maniecraft so i cant get on so my question is... how do i down grade? If you are interested in learning about me ask me in a reply to this post... Something like what is your favorite sport or who is your favorite youtuber. Im a nice person so dont be afraid to ask questions! I hope that EMC grows more even though its already a big community and well known. I have 1 more question... What is the best res (in your opinion) on EMC?
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  2. There are numerous topics on how to downgrade. I am not sure where they are, but prepae for about 5 posts containing them soon. And Welcome!
  3. Download spoutcraft here it lets you play different versions of MC. Open it up and use the "Reccomended" Version you can add emc servers again and it has lot's of cool mods installed into it.
  4. I know how to... Though its only for Windows.
    > %appdata% > .minecraft > bin > delete minecraft.jar

    When you get 1.2.5 Minecraft.jar
    Copy 1.2.5 MC.jar > %appdata% > .minecraft > bin > paste 1.2.5 MC.jar

    Can't upload the jar file, even if I make it a .rar file, sorry
  5. I know this is unrelated..

    But how do I stop auto-maticly watching a post!!??
    Solved, lol
  6. well... assuming maniecraft is minecraft, if you are on windows, follow
    however, for Mac, it's very complicated. try searching it on youtube.

    putting minecraft.jar for download is illegal. just a warning if you do it some other time.;)
  7. Why would it be illegal? I was giving him a secure download without a chance of viruses.

    Is it aganist the rules?
  8. i think Notch made it illegal so that people can't play minecraft for free (playing offline). and using SpoutCraft is probably the best idea.

    P.S: try logging in on a non-premium account with minecraft.jar downloaded in the correct places and all. I'm fairly sure it will work, but correct me if im wrong.

    P.P.S: I encountered this response when i googled "modded minecraft.jar download". all the same response.