I'm NOT dead.

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  1. Hi everybody. I just logged into the this actual site for the first time in forever and I see 7 things in my inbox and 10 alerts. Well sorry for not realizing that people actually seem to either somewhat like me or that people just want my res. I have been very busy with summer college classes and work so I tend to login to the the server once a week for both of my accounts and usually its just to say hi if anyone is around and to do a small amount of work on my res. So to the 6 messages asking me to give up my res well nuts to you. Because i still plan on being active somewhat
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  2. Lol, nice thread. Very good to read that title :p
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  3. I knew I should have sprung for the more potent poison...
    Welcome back.
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  4. Pff... No poison will ever work on me for I have been taking small dosages of every known poison since I was three years old
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  5. Don't ever play games with him. ;)
    Welcome back.