im new

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  1. hey guys im new and a girl and single
  2. Im not new im a guy and im taken :)
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  3. hey hey hey girlfriend oh wait I already have one ;).. Welcome to EMC! Which smp is your residence on :)?
  4. welcome to emc hope you enjoy your stay
  5. Welcome and this is Empire Minecraft, not Empire dating...
  6. welcome to the empire and watch out for trolls have a great time here, and cats or dogs?
  7. Welcome to EMC!!!
  8. welcome, somebody!
  9. I'm a veteran, moderator, male, taken, and FABULOUS!

    Enjoy your time on EMC, but to clarify we're not a dating service, ha ha :p
  10. It's not?!?!?! I was going to propose to ICC. :(

  11. It seems I remain more a Mystery than any of the Mysteries and more Secret than Secret Azn Eks -_-
  12. Welcome to minecraft, not "The sims".
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  13. Welcome to The Empire!

    I'm Eclipsys, 18, from holland, male, master builder, well known, single, and anythingelseanyonewantstoaddtothatlist

    Welcome! (Yes, again!)
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  14. Hey, are you Dutch too? Didn't know that! xD
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  15. Sorry but he would have rejected you anyway, better for you to find out this way that ICC and I are engaged! :p Gotta love his horns
  16. ( He is cheating on you ) >:]
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  17. Wha? What?! NOOOOOOOoooo!!!!111!!!!!1!1!!!1111!!1!!!!!!11!
  18. mhm
  19. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b