I'm More of a Dog Person

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  1. Maybe this is just me, but I love looking at pictures of cute dogs, and other pets, and odds are...there are tons of you guys with dogs and pets out there. What better way of showing them off than a Thread on the EMC Forums?!

    So, this thread is for...your pet. Post a picture, maybe your favorite one, maybe an action shot of him catching a Frisbee or something. Also, include his or her name too, and maybe his or her breed, or what kind of animal it is, and age :) I'll start it off...

    This is Sadie. She's a 2-year old Weimaraner (German dog breed). And, yes...she does get what she wants way too much because it's hard to say no to that face.

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  2. What if it isnt my dog... Cause I don't have one on this computer.. :p
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  3. Go for it
  4. Edited this to include all pets...