im Mento and i <3 mentos

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  1. im a nice guy mainley a miner/trader i LOVE bows and arrows i need to make some but spiders scare me T_T anyway im onley mean when your makeeinmg fun af my friends or if i get griefed my real name is josh so putting that out there anyway i gues thats my bio :/
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  2. Spiders are scary.
    You have the right to fear them.
  3. Yeah but at least with spiders you can dig down in a 1 block wide hole and then sword up at them...

    Good to have you!
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  4. Spiders are annoying, but easy to fight with the proper measures. Arm a sword (diamond is best) and swing before they're in range. They have a tendency to jump as they get within 1 block so aim a bit high. They are fast and can climb walls, so never think one's gone. Just think about where it is.
  5. Damn spiders you scary!

    Anyways nice to have you. Shouldn't have a problem with people making fun of you or griefing in the Empire. It's a great community.
  6. Mugatu is right, almost nobody makes fun of people, And if people do make fun or offend, they either get kicked,or banned by our nice, friendly, epic admins.
    (They get banned or kicked depending on how offensive the swear/making fun of is.)
  7. Just to start you off: I have arachnophobia in real life.
    And, as usual, I am very disheartened to inform you
    that you must have fun.
  8. I have arachnophobia as well, but real spiders that can kill you with a bite and giant 8-bit spiders that take 7 bites to kill you are different things entirely.
  9. I didn't know this, thanks!

    Welcome to The Empire Mento (Josh), I'm sure you will enjoy yourself here.
  10. Lol, I must agree
  11. Unlike you other guys, I actually like spiders (In real life) I think that they're cool, among other things.
    Well....... excluding the one-bite-kill-you ones.
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  12. i do like spiders i have 2 tarantulas the spiers in minecraft scare cuz there so big DX
  13. Your not alone, I love spiders and weird pets too. I love my little girl Azrael who is my 4 year old jungle carpet python. She is almost 6 foot long and is a feisty little thing, which is why she doesn't get played with much any more.
    I would never own a poisonous snake though, I prefer only feeling a little sick after a bite, not contemplating impending death.