I'm Making a game!

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  1. Well as the Title suggests, I have decided I will be making a game! I always wanted to create a game and now I can! I'm using the Unity 5 engine and I have been reading up on all sorts of scripting and such. Of course keep in mind this is only my first game, and I'm not to sure what It will become, but My starting idea is it will be some sort of Fantasy Sci-fi Survival game. Also I have no idea when this game will ever be done, but one day it will be, that is for sure. Also consider this an update of why I haven't been playing minecraft to crazy much either. So 2 in one, Double Whammy, Shazam!

    Let me know how you all think of this and feel free to leave any advice you want to give, it is much appreciated :D!
  2. [Reserved For Updates]
  3. I would use my Reserve spot for an update, but this isn'tto large of an advancement, Just created Basic map layout and a few first person animations

    Yes, this is a Bump as well :p
  4. I'm interested to see how this turns out.
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  5. Best of luck, man! Hope it turns out well! :)
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