I'm looking for someone to build me a grinder.

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  1. I have a unused spawner at my wild base, and wont it to be a grinder. If you can, please post your price below. Anyone who griefers the base will be reported. Please respond if you can. :)
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  2. What is the spawner?
  3. Also remove what server it is on from your topic. now.
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  4. As long as its not spider I will do it for 5k
  5. Zombie.

    Made the classic mistake... At least I didn't put cords.
  6. I can do zombie, cave spider or skeleton. 5k for each neg.
  7. I'll do it for free if you give me the supplies. I just hope you know that it really isn't worth it for a single zombie spawner
  8. Ok. I guess your right. I will let you know if i got a double or something. A mod can lock this thread now. :)
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